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    Barbara Lambert Guest

    Talking Hello

    Hi yall I'm a rookie volunteer firefighter, and have just started firefighter training. The first call I had to go out on was a big grass and woods fire. Luckily the more experienced firefighters were there so I could watch how it was done. My husband is a Fire Captain and is a 22 year veteran with the same department. I joined the Harmony V.F.D a small Fire Department in N. East Texas. I am very proud to be part of the Fire Service.

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    fireman phil Guest


    Hey Barbara...

    I am a 15 year vet of the fire service, but just signed into the fourms recently. So from one new form member to another, WELCOME.

    Fireman Phil of the Show Me State

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    LondonUKfirefighter Guest


    Hiya Barbara--this is London calling,I'm new to the sceen,hey you be careful out there,can be a dangerous place!!

    Catch you soon for a chat

    Steve..London Fire Brigade

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    Ledbelly Guest


    Hey Barbara,
    As the other posts have said... Welcome! I think you'll find lots of good info and tons of great ideas here... and we'll always look forward to hearing your perspective. I've been out here in west Texas for 14 yrs and still learn from the forums. (So maybe you can teach an old dawg new tricks... )


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    craig7404 Guest


    Hey baby this is your husband. Just wanted to let your and the rest of the world know how proud I am of you. See you around the station.Ha Ha
    Your loving husband
    Captain Craig Lambert
    be safe on those fire calls when I'm not there

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    Barbara Lambert Guest


    Thank each one of you for your replies


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    kfdffrab Guest


    Hey Barbara, I have been a volly for 18 years as well as a career industrial FF for 4 years. I am relatively new to the forum scene, but welcome and stay safe. Happy Holidays. From Rochester NY.

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    Firebull Guest

    Thumbs up

    Hi Barbara

    Welcome. I think you chose an excellent field of volunteer work. As you probably know from your husband's experiences, people in the communities of North American cities and towns have a great deal of respect for VFFs. The people in our town(2000) help with fundraising for equipment and also donate their own free time to help our dept.
    I'm sure you will have alot of trying experiences. But that's all part of the job. Enjoy the ride and stay safe.

    Best wishes,
    Mike Conger DFD


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    EXJAKE Guest


    HEY PUPPY!!!

    How's everything In the great state of Texas?

    Keeping busy I hope.

    Good Luck and be careful out there,EXJAKE

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    Barbara Lambert Guest


    Hey back at you, you old dog. Doing great in Texas, alot of rain lately so not many fires thankfully. Got voted into the department public relations position at the elections in Febuary so now I report to the local paper each week. Its fun so for.
    You be good old dog Mac and stay safe. Tell Macky hi.


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