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    Question Santa Claus comes to Town

    How many other depts deliver Santa to local malls or parks via fire engine. If you do the santa detail do you let the jolly ole man ride out side of the cab on the tailboard or topmount pump walkway. I was just curious about liability etc. etc.

    Fireman Phil of the Show Me State

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    We, too, do the Santa detail. We typically let him ride in the enclosed jump seat area of our aerial. Occassionally, he has riden on the turntable during the Christmas parade.
    I'm not sure if there is a liability concern or not. We do this at the request of our governing body. It helps when we go asking for money.

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    The jolly red man gets to ride in the bucket of the ladder truck during the Christmas parade,the parade is put on by the city and the liability fall's on them.

    Have a good day and be safe.

    Local 3905

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    In the past we had Santa sitting on top of the hose bed in a sled with reindeer last year we used an old horse trailer that we cut down and made a flat bed out of it and put the sled on that this year we are doing a fireplace scene it is a little easier for us to use the trailer this way nothing is on the apparatus.


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    We do things a little differently here. Our response district is only 1.1 square miles, so that gives us the ability to get Santa out to our residents. At 9am, typically on the second sunday of December, three firefighters volunteer to be Santa. Each santa is assigned to a piece of apparatus and each piece of apparatus is assigned an area of the community. "Lights all aglow and sirens ablazing", Santa and 4 or 5 firefighters walk up and down every street in the district and hand out candy canes to the children...and MANY of the adults, too!!
    For our special children, those with cancers or down syndrom or other illnesses, santa makes a special visit into their homes to deliver a gift wrapped present. Typically a stuffed animal or other appropriate gift. Our residents use this oppertunity to thank us for our work, offering us cakes, cookies, chocolates, and the like. Any gifts, and monatary donations, are recorded and the Dept. Secretary sends a thank you card.

    "Santa-In-The-Tract" as it is known, is eagerly awaited for by all of our residents each year. I'm not sure how long we have been doing it for, but I know it has been for at least 10 years.

    Recently, the "mall" in our district was renovated to become a strip mall, and it stopped offering santa at that time.

    I know this approach wont work in many areas, but in those small enough, there is NO BETTER WAY to get out into the community to offer our services BEFORE the residents need to call for them.

    Stay Safe And Stay Low.


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