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    fireman phil
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    Question Public safety concept?

    Fellow Fire Service Members...

    I know this is a loaded question but, what is your opinion of the public safety concept?????

    Thanks in advance for your comments

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    How does "Public Safety Station # 3" sound ? That is what our third station is going to be called. Our dept. is not a true publice safety, no cross-training. We have a Public Safety Director, Fire Marshal handles the FD and a Capt. handles the PD. It can be a thorn in many of our personnel's sides. It does not bother me as much because some kid is not going to tell his mommy and daddy, can we go to the public safety station and see the public safety trucks.
    We are firefighters, our boss is a fire chief we drive fire trucks and we put them in the fire station and no bueraucrat (spelling) is gonna tell me different.. OK enough said from me(well maybe a little more). I do not see it serving anything but another rung on the ladder. Don't get me wrong our director does a fine job but I just don't see the need.

    The opinions expressed are mine !!

    ED C.
    "Doin' it for lives and property !"
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    Ed Shanks
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    My take on public safety officers - the people who are police, fire and EMS all rolled into one - is that something has to come first and the others will not be done as well. Just because of call volume PSOs end up being full-time cops and extremely part-time fire and EMS. Fire and EMS response times will suffer if you're used to full-time FD responses, for the same reason some volunteer stations have longer response times. The personnel has to stop what they were doing and get to the station before they can take a call.

    PSOs are great for the politicians because they get to play with a lot more money instead of spending it on proper staffing. IMO they're no bargain for the taxpayers, who deserve the best service, not the cheapest.

    IAFF 1176

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    Ken Hanks
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    Police and firefighter in one? I don't think so. The 2 jobs require very different skills and attitudes.

    Typical political solution that creates more problems.

    How far would these ideas go:

    Refuse collectors and file clerks?
    Teachers and golf course grounds maintenance?
    Building inspectors and home health aides?

    It would be easy to show that the above combinations would save money.

    But they are all bad ideas.

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    Rick Bond
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    Public Safety Officer, very impressive title isnt it. As was said earlier, this is a polititions way of saving money. However it creates several problems.
    1) Having to crosstrain every one.
    fire to police and police to fire, then everyone to emt.
    2) Wheres my priority, police or fire
    3) Whos going to handle that Bank Robbery when were all on the other side of town on a dumpster fire.
    PSO sounds great on paper but just dosn't work in the real world.
    the other thing that I have seen is that the money that is saved is normally used for the polititians to get a pay raise and the heck with the guys in the trenches doing the work of three.


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    Bobby Halton
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    I work in Albuquerque and our neighbor to the north Rio Rancho does the public Safety concept, I hear both good and bad from the guys. I gotta admit though it seems to me that they really have two departments under one administration. The word on thte streets is that fire gets short-changed. I strongly support the traditional separation of fire and police. The mission may be the same TO PROTECT LIVES AND PROPERTY but the methods and the attitude are radically different. I have to weigh in against the Public Safety concept.


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    PSO's were the rage in some areas during the late 70's and early 80's. This concept failed miserably and it died a quick merciful death. May it rest in peace.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    The public safety concept was a politician's idea of getting more bang for the buck. Look at all the the $$$$ spent towards public safety...the police get the cream, fire departments get what's left over (and it's usually sour!)

    Although we in the fire service wear many hats, such as fire prevention, suppression, education and ems they are all related to each other and fit into the overall "helmet".
    If I wanted to be a cop, I would have taken that exam.

    take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

    PS: most cops would like to be firefighters, but they are afraid of heights!!!

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    The Public Safety Officer program really hurts the team concept on the fire ground. We have a split public safety department with a traditional fire "bureau" and a police bureau. We work a 24 hr. shift. During that time we have two police platoons that work 12 hrs. each. We never know who or what we are getting. Their response time varies since they are pulled from various points across the city. Some of the PSO's do a good job but most are not trained/experienced to the firefighters level. The cops hate it and we hate it. We do our best to make it work because we our professionals. I wouldn't touch the PSO program with a 5 million foot pole.

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