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    Smile Anyone need a VFF?

    My name is Desirae and I am 17 and live in Everett, Washington. I am just wondering if any of you or anyone you know is interested in putting someone my age into their Dept. My asperations of becoming a FF are strong and I hope to start getting involved soon. Thanks and have a good day.

    Desirae Knowles

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    Kelly Tool
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    Hey, welcome to the wonderful world of firefighting, have you checked with your local department, if it is volunteer walk right in and ask guarenteed to get some answers. Good luck, have fun.

    Put the wet stuff on the red stuff!

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    Just like kelly said welcome aboard! i dont know how to explain it but the job you are looking at is one of the most exciting in the world. you have come into the fire service when there are so many changes going on it may be hard to keep up with , but i know you can do it. the best thing to do is look in to your local fire service. the second thing to do is loook at the education you will get from the department that is within your reach. if your education goals can not be met have you ever considered moving away. i live in rockville maryland. i moved here from illinois 1.5 years ago. i joined the rockville vol. fire dept. in montgomery county maryland (the county where i live) they have a live-in program. what happens it that you come here you go to school they will pay for damn near all of your school and you live in a fire house and your rent is you running calls. it is a great program but, it is a big commitment and i will tell you is not easy but it is well worth it. there is alot if history herer on the east coast and it feels great. check my department out at rvfd.org. and see what you think and email me back.




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    Welcome Desirae I figure every VFD in the USA could stand more Volunteers I know mine could. The best thing to do is go to the local dept and apply.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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