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    Dude Guest

    Cool G'day

    Just a quick hello from Wagga Wagga New South Wales Australia. We are just getting into our fire season and already things are starting liven up. I am with the Rural Fire Service, serving as a Senior Deputy Captain with a crew of 20-25 members. There are about 70,000 volunteers in the RFS with about 1700 Brigades scattered across the state. I have been watching the fires in the states on the net and what happens there usually follows here. Lots of rain this winter and lots of growth and things are drying out rapidly. Hope to hear from other members of this list. Take care.


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    Ledbelly Guest


    Great to hear from you and welcome! Look forward to hearing from you.

    Watch yer topknot,

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    Nathan Guest


    Hey Dude

    There are almost 2,500 brigades with the NSWRFS!!

    Be good

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    hylo Guest


    Welcome Dude

    Hope you have a safe season, you take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    fire24 Guest


    be safe have fun

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    Break-N-Entry Guest


    Yo! Break-N-Entry in da house givin' a big BIG shout out to da new fire dude from Wagga Wagga! Yo, how many Foster's did they have when dey was namin' yo town? Just funnin' wit you! Welcome. When you in da hood give ol' B-N-E a shout, I'll throw a shrimp on the barbie. PEACE!!

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