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    Scott Gamache
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    Cool New member looking to make new friends in the fire service

    My name is Scott Gamache, and IM a fire Explorer in Goffstown, NH and was just looking to make new friends. hope to here from you soon.

    Scott Gamache
    Chief of Explorers

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    Danny Beebe
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    Welcome aboard.

    This is a great place to meet new and interesting people. Tell me some more about you and your department.


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    Nice to meet you and welcome to the fire service. My name is Greg Hayes and I am a volunteer firefighter in Lake Placid, N.Y. I am also going to let a friend of mine who is active in our explorer post know about the forum and you and maybe you can hook up and get to know each other. Send me a note any time you want.

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    hello to you scott,

    My friends call me skidz. i amd a native illinoian, but currently reside in maryland. i have been in the fireservice for 7 years. i am extremley proud to welcome you aboard the best damn job in the world. my real name is Mike Skidmore and i voluteer at the Rockville Fire Department. Check us out RVFD.org i hope to here from you soon to learn more about you and your goals for your new job.



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    It is nice to hear from all the new members in the fire service. Scott or anyone I welcome to heard from you for any questions aor help that you may need. GREGH, I have family in the Keysville area of Upper State New York. Skidz it is nice to see someone from the state of Maryland. We are just neighbors away. Again welcome to the forum.

    Assistant Chief Co. 45
    Marlboro VFD
    Upper Marlboro, MD



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    Welcome Scott
    You came to the right place to make friends in the fire service. Here you will find everyone from rookies to 50 years of service men and women. Myself I've been fighting fires for 22 years now with the same volunteer dept. and i still love helping my community. Anytime you want to talk just email me, my address is on my profile plus check out the web sight on there.

    Good Luck
    Craig Lambert

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    Hello Scott

    I am Rick Phillips, I a full time Fire Marshal for our City. I started in the fire service about 13 years ago as a Junior Fire Fighter. Welcome aboard, I look forward to talking with you. Send me a note anytime.

    Rick Phillips, Fire Marshal
    City of Oneonta, Alabama

    <A HREF="http://www.alabamafirecollege.cc.al.us
    " TARGET=_blank>http://www.alabamafirecollege.cc.al.us

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    Ditto what everyone else has said! And welcome!


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    howard barraclough jr
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    welcome aboard scott.my name is howard barraclough jr. i have been in the vollunteer fire service for over 20 years now and i have held all of the chief positions that we have. second asst for one year,first asst. for two years and chief for two years also.it was an experence that i will never forget.some bad and alot good.it is all of what you make of it and i wish every fire fighter would go through it to get a little more respect for that position.well nice meeting you and keep in touch

    Howard E Barraclough JR

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