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    Hope I'm not the first in South Africa to discover this fine gathering of emergency service professionals. I've been reading a lot since I joined - my phone bill will probably skyrocket this month but, what the heck - you only live once.

    America: To my brothers who died doing what they loved most, keep in mind an old saying that belongs to our Police Task Force - it can be read at a depth of 55 meters somewhere not far from here:

    "You haven't lived untill you've almost died, and for those who fight for it, life has a flavour the protected will NEVER know..."

    Keep it moist!

    Hennie Botha

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    I too am new to forum. I am also a diver in the states. I am a divemaster but I do not do any search and recovery as my department is to small to have a dive team. Iam a firefighter/emt in Axtell Ne. we are a volunteer dep't. I would enjoy hearing from you. Lonnie Larson.

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    Hi Hennie, i enjoyed hearing from you, i sent you a message back but was having trouble with my computer. If you didn't get it please let me know. look forward to your reply, Lonnie Larson

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