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    spannerwrench Guest

    Cool I'm New

    Hey Everyone.

    I am a firefighter stationed at Kadena Air Base ( Okinawa), I would love to talk shop(firefighters) and meet other firefighters from all around the world. Take it easy.

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    craig7404 Guest


    Hello and welcome to the world of the forum
    its a great place to meet and share ideas from around the world. I look forward to see some of your ideas on the different topics

    Good Luck
    Craig Lambert

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    nsfirechap Guest


    Good to hear from another AF Firefighter. I'm with the North Star VFD in North Pole, Alaska. Retired from the Air Force in 97. Worked in Fire Departments at Galena and King Salmon, Alaska, RAF Upper Heyford England, Eglin(the busiest & best), and retired from Eielson. Visited KAdena a few years ago when I went through the Silver Flag Site(for you non-military it's a school to teach wartime firefighting). What an Island you guys are on-way to many snakes and spiders for me.
    Best to you and welcome to the forums.


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    Ledbelly Guest


    Just wanted to put my welcome in with the others. Like Craig IS a great place for ideas, info and sharing "the load". Look forward to hearing from you.


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    Break-N-Entry Guest


    Yo! Break-N-Entry in da house givin a big shout out and Helllloooo to 'spannerwrench' chillin out in Japan. Whatz up? Yo, stay cool & stay safe, I'm outta here. PEACE!!

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    hylo Guest


    Good to hear from you spannerwrench, I am stationed in Dublin ,Ireland.
    This is a great place to meet firefighters from all over the globe. Enjoy it, and I hope to talk to you soon.
    Stay safe

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