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    Cool Has anybody seen this??

    I'm wondering if someone on the FORUM has seen this on the WEB...

    A picture of firefighters entering a burning building with 6 FF's looking down from heaven.

    A friend of ours said that she heard about it and I wanted to find it and print it out for her.

    If you know where on the WEB this might be, I'd like to hear from you.


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    I have seen a print like this with the angles looking down from heaven spraying water onto the firefighters to protect them. I have seen adds in Firehouse and I believe they are painted by a Las Vegas Firefighter (or maybe by some one who lives in that area).

    Alan Romania, CEP
    IAFF Local 3449

    My Opinions do not reflect the opnions of the IAFF or Local 3449.

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    I believe his name is Allan Albaitis from Clark County or Vegas...

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.

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    Here's the web site...

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    Another place to look is www.theultimatefirehouse.com/ .

    Check out the neat paintings there by Jim Davis -- some of the best religious/fire fighting paintings I've ever seen!

    73 de WI2C

    Rev. John G. Fleischmann
    Suffolk Co. NY CISM Team

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