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    Brian Pratt
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    Post Career FF's who also volunteer

    I am a career firefighter who also volunteers in my home town. (Not the city I work in). I get hasseled a lot from my career "brothers" and in some cases I am down-right hated. Am I alone in this problem? Does anyone have any advice?

    Brian Pratt

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    Scott Clark
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    Your not alone brother. I face that everyday myself. I hear the comments but don't listen to them. I have to remind myself why I volunteer, I volunteer to protect my family and friends. I volunteer to make my community a little safer. I volunteer because maybe God wants me to. I volunteer because it is the right thing to do! This can be a cruel and unforgivening service we work in, but in the moment of truth, it can be one of the most fulfilling. If your making a difference in your home community, then it is none of your career brother's concern. Keep doing what your doing and remember the focus of it all,......"LIFES PRESERVATION".

    If we stand united.... We will never fall.

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    Pat Cull
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    Thumbs down

    You obviously just don't get it. Apparently the people you "work" with are a little passive. I don't know of many places that would allow you to do that. You don't actually do this and belong to a union do you?

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    Pat Cull
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    I guess Scott doesn't get it either. I don't
    have anything against Jesus, but I don't see him making deposits in my check book

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