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    Question WebPage Feedback...please

    I would like feedback from as many people as possible regarding the web page that I am currently working on for the department. The page is located at: www.dreamscape.com/jamesvillefd
    Beware, this page is still under major construction, many completions/updates coming soon!
    Corey M.
    Jamesville FD
    Jamesville, NY

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    Scott Clark
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    Looks good so far Corey. I see that Chief Spellman has a fire engine for his chief's car! That must help response times? Just kidding! I do like the layout, who designed it and how can we get a similiar set up done for us?

    If we stand united.... We will never fall.

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    Corey, Sorry I can't offer any constructive criticism... looked great to me too! Keep up the good work; I'll be anxious to see the 'finished' product.

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    Looks great so far Corey. One thing I would think about is the fire engine graphics on the apparatus page is a little large, maybe you could go with the original size one like at the top of the page.
    Just a thought, Keep up the good work !!!

    ED C.
    "Doin' it for lives and property !"
    <A HREF="http://www.freeyellow.com/members8/ptfd21/index.htm"" TARGET=_blank>Pittsfield Twp. Fire Dept.</A>

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    Hey Corey sight looks good so far. Alot of time and effort there. Loads a little slow on the pictures but then so does my sight.Check it out if you want to. Its www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/monitor/7615 then check out my other one, its on my profile listing. I loved the Taz pic. Mine
    is still under construction to got to get pictures of our three other trucks plus one current members and station.
    Good Luck
    Craig Lambert

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    Page is looking great so far! Don't forget to add a link to the County page at www.Signal99.com If you want tips, contact the webmaster there. He's a wiz and can give you great tips. (and he's my Lt., so I gotta give him props!)
    I agree with the photo idea above. Might be good to add a list of specs and/or equiptment, too.

    Keep up the good work!


    Stay safe and stay low

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    Looks good, Corey! You asked for feedback so here's mine. Just like PTFD21 said. The apparutus images are a little large. And you should probably use the original size of the pic, that's why they look choppy. But great job anyway! It took me awhile to learn how to build a homepage. Here's our's if you ever get around to it. <a href="http://go.to/westwoodfd"><img src="http://home.cablecomm-pa.com/westwoodfd/fdbanner.gif" alt="Check Out Westwood Fire Dept!">

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    Looks like your off to a good start. As others have stated you might want to reduce the size of your thumbnail photos for faster loading, but I have no room to talk, one of my photo pages takes a little while to load.

    David Brooks, Firefighter, D/O, 1st Resp.
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire

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