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    Cool Indiana Firefighter

    I am a full-time firefigher/paramedic from Anderson, Indiana. I am a third generation firefighter. Grandfather and uncle both retired from Anderson Fire Dept. I started in the fire service 6 years ago volunteering. I volunteered at Wayne Twp Station 2 for 2 years and Frankton Fire Dept for 5 years. I have beed a paramedic for only 4 months. I currently work out of Station 8 on medic 2. Station 8 houses a medic truck and aerial truck.

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    Welcome from a second generation firefighter.
    My father helped to start the VFD I am part of. My older brother was also a fireman. Its in the blood. I to am in the med field but only a ECA Don't have time for much more then that.

    Good Luck
    Craig Lambert

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    Dwight Conrad
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    Welcome aboard, Indy. I, too, am a newbie. I've been volunteering for almost thirteen years. I started out as a junior with Greenville Twp. Then moved to Clarksville and stayed for seven years with a paid/vol. dept. Since then I went back to Greenville and am now with Posey Twp. in Washington
    County in Indiana.

    I have been around Wayne Twp. station 9 in the past when I would attend the 317 fire school at Ben Davis H.S.

    With the dept. I am with, we run the following:

    2 engines
    2 tankers
    2 rescue/med trucks
    1 brush rig

    Once again, welcome aboard Indy.

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