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    Wink visiting US/Canada March 2000

    Hi all, I'm a 28yr old female Security Supervisor and I'm off to visit the US and Canada in March. Looking for contacts in police/fire/ems and related fields. Need anyone who'd like to act as tour guide, or just to swap shirts/badges etc. Stay safe out there.

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    Greetings from the City of Indianapolis, Indiana... We are always interested in exchanging ideas with members of other Depts.
    Please feel free to use the enclosed e-mail to contact me... dandb@iquest.net.

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    hi we have a member from australia please contact


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    Thumbs up

    Hi Annie!

    My name is Mike and I live in Ontario Canada, not far from the U.S. border. I have worked for the RCMP and Ontario Provincial Police. As well I have relatives active in the OPP force. I'm a volunteer firefighter soon to be full-time, I hope. If you would like to email me at firebull@firehousemail.com to give me more detail about your visit, I can probably be of some assistance. Hope to hear from you.

    Mike Conger DFD


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    Yo! Break-N-Entry is in da house givin a big shout out G'DAY MATE to Annie. Whatz up? Break-N-Entry sez you welcome in da hood anytime, just give a big up, hey ho, hip hop hoo ray when you comin to Jersey! Bring da Fosters and tell me bout down under! B-N-E livin large in charge, willin-n-chillin, but he outta here, PEACE!! HAPPY HOLLY DAYZ!!

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    Welcome to forums.I live on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada.if your out this way look me up.

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    Welcome to the U.S.A., my name is Michael and i live in Rockville Md. 30 min outside of Washington DC. We at the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department would like to welcome you to the US. We have a progressive and exciting combination system of volunteers and career firefighters working together. I think this would be an excellent opportunity to see what we do. Please submit a reply and we will take care of you when you visit.



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