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    Cool New F/F, anyone have some helpful advice?

    I have just joined a volunteer department up where I go to school and I'm trying to get a feel of what to expect and what is going to be expected of me. I have always wanted to join my local department back home, but never had anyone that would kind of guide me and help me out. I really don't know much yet...going on common sense so far. I'm getting ready to take a firefighter 1 class and I can't wait. If anyone has any advice or support that they could offer I'd appreciate it.

    Big Jim

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    Big Jim,
    First, welcome to the forums. I think you'll find a lot of great info here. And there's plenty of people with some great ideas and experience to help with any/all questions. Secondly, welcome to the brotherhood! It's the best job in the world....

    Now I ain't one to be giving a whole lot of advice , but you're on the right track if you can find one of the older (ie more experienced) FFs to shadow, question and watch. I'd say listen to 'em all, even when they're just BS'ing, don't be afraid to ask questions and help whenever/wherever ya can. Personally, if I see a newer FF that shows an interest and is not afraid to ask "what can I do?"... no matter what needs doing, then I know they're trying/wanting to learn and I'll respond to that.

    Good luck man... congratulations and watch yer topknot.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    Welcome to the fire service and the Forums. I agree with Ledbelly, sit back and listen, don't be afraid to help out, and don't be afraid ask questions. Get yourself a copy of IFSTA's Essentials of Firefighting and read as many of the trade magazines as you can. Take each day as an opportunity to learn. The day you stop learning about this job is when you retire or pass on.

    Good luck!

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Hey BIGJIM!
    They are right! LISTEN! And after a while you'll know who you can ask for help and not get as much crap (rookies should always get a little)then ask for a hand.
    Stay Low!

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    Welcome Big Jim.
    My advice to you is to watch and listen to all the older members of you dept and always ask questions if you are not sure about anything because no question is a stupid question.
    The other main advice I can give is remember safety first.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Thumbs up

    welcome to the best job on the planet!!
    I am as well new to the family but i also grew up in the family so as a 5 generation ff i think i might be able to help you some
    1. Never try to be a hero, no matter what any one tells you. we are not heroes we are just doing a job we all love
    2. get in as much edcation as u can
    3. If u want to learn alot listen to the old timmers on the fire departments alot of guys just brush them off but they do know what they are talking about
    4. expect alot of crap from your fellow brothers if u had older brothers growing up its just the same but u must relize that they will be there foru no matter what.
    5. (last one) Allways ask for help. Weather to move something or to do a task you are no good on sceen if u are hurt
    good luck and welcome to the family brother

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    Dave Grice
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    Thumbs up

    Congrats on getting started in the fire service. The members that have posted their opinions have made great points. I am new to the forums myself, so I too look forward to learning more from the other members. After three years in the fire service I have seen a lot, but there are guys that have so much knowledge and experience out there, so I would say hook on to the senior members of your dept. and absorb all they have to offer. Same goes for these websites. Any info that is thrown at you just absorb it all up. Good Luck.
    Dave Grice
    East Cleveland, Ohio FD

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    BIG JIM,

    Hey they call me BIG MIKE along with other things i wont mention. Like the others welcome aboard the fire service. Its the best job and i know eventhough you are a rookie keep your spirits up and listen and ask questions. If there is one thing i can tell you to remember is there is never a dumb question. just dumb people for not asking. I dont know what you know but you have come to the fire service at the right time. there are alot of changes in todays fire service and i know you will learn plenty. You should ask your department if they have a mentor program. If not mention that it would be a great way for the rookies to learn from the veterans in your firehouse. I live in Rockville i know where Frostburg is and if you are in the neighborhood you should stop by and see me at the the 31 House. Good Luck in Frostburg.

    PS Do me one favor i know the
    firehouse will get more and more
    exciting as you learn more but
    keep a strong focus on your school
    you will need it for a career.




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    I have to say, everyone so far has made me feel that I have made the best decision so far in my life! Thanks to all those that have replied to my topic. I haven't had anyone that is close to me join a vol. department, but I've always wanted to join. My biggest fear was that I'd be so far out of everything and not really of any good use because of not having anyone go before me, but all you guys are making me realize that isn't needed. Once again, thanks to all you guys for making a rookie feel like a real part of the family.

    Big Jim

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