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    Question I wan't to become a Firefighter!

    Hello. My name is Brian Wolf and I am a 22 year old male who want's to become a firefighter. I now serve on the USS Providence, a US nuclear fast attack submarine. I have 1 more year of service, and would like to make a career as a firefighter. I have one problem though, I don't know the correct route to take in obtaining this dream. If any one could help me I would be thankful. Anyone can e-mail me at any time. I have some pretty good training through the Navy Sub Force, and have help fight some smaller fires on board. I just know this is what I want to do. I am a hardworking person looking for more info on this fascinating career.

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    Brian...let me take this opportunity to thank you and your fellow servicemen in helping protect this great country of ours.

    I've seen documentaries on cable TV about
    life on a submarine..it's not easy and a fire aboard is a serious situation!
    Now is the time to make contacts with the fire departments you would be interested in working in and get the educational and physical requirements, find out when they will be testing, etc. Massachusetts is having a firefighter entrance exam this year, you would want to contact the Human Resources Division, Department of Personnel Administration, 1 Ashburton Place, Boston, Ma 02110 for more info. Also , talk to the base FD and FD of your home port. They should be able to help you out.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    I'm an ex-Navy man that was in a totally different enviorment than you. I worked the flightdeck of the "Connie" and the Midway. The Navy helped me make my choice to become a carreer FF by sending me to flightdeck and avation FF school in San Diego. They had this Hanger made out of steel that they lite-up (and I mean lite-up) and after that I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
    As far as making it your carreer, you stand a better chance by living in or close to a "Big City" they have the majority of carreer dept's, hence, more jobs.
    I agree with the Lt., now is the time to start. New Jersey is in the process of giving a statewide exam now, too late to get in on this round. Sorry I can't be more help. One word of advice, keep trying until your dream comes true.
    Good luck, you made the right carreer choice.

    ~Smooth Bore For The Hard Core~

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    Welcome to what will become the best job you will ever have. You will meet some people that you will never forget and you will become a major part of their lives and vice versa. I agree with the others move towrd larger cities. I am a native Illinioan and i tested there for six years moved just out side of Washington DC and within a year I got hired i start on feb 14 2000. I am very excited to see you coming in the fire service when you are. There are so many changes happening and its just a great thing. Just dont limit yourself to your home town; you may never get it. Venture out and see America(ok never mind that your in the navy you have probably seen more than me). PS try firecareers.com they post job opening almost evrey day but it does cost.




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    If you would like to work for the Federal Government get on the federal list in your state and any other you would like to work in. With your backround a Navy Submarine Base would be a good start. Your military time counts.

    Some bad things to look at:
    A: 72 hours work week
    B: Not the most active FD's in the world.
    C: Pay is not the greatest.

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