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    Unhappy I am new here do to the tragedy in Keokuk Iowa

    I have cryed for the past 2 days after watching the tragedy here in Keokuk of 6 deaths due to a house fire,3 of which were our very own firefighters.
    I am not a firefighter, but I did stand and watch the tragedy that occured yesterday. Watching all our firefighters fight this fire
    gave me a totally new look on firefighters and their jobs. You firefighters show great courage and strength in what you do. Everytime you go on a call, there is always a chance that you might end up giving the altimate, (your life), to save someone elses life. You all have a Heart of Gold.
    The loss of 3 of our men has been such a tragedy for our small town. All my prayers are with their families. And for the rest of the firefighters here that continued to fight this fire with all their strength and courage, I Praise You.
    For all you firefighters out there. God Bless You and I will be keeping you all in my prayers for giving yourselves to others in the time of great needs.
    God Bless You All !!

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    Thank you Barbara for praise and for your prayers. You are right everytime a firefighters goes out on a run, it could be our last. I wish every firefighter in the world could here your words.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to do what you did. I know you say your not a firefighter but, you took the time to find something out about us. This past year has been very tough for the fire service. Tradegy in Mass., Iowa, and the many others who have lost their lives that go unmentioned. I would like to praise you for the time you took out of your day to find us . Thank you again and god bless you and your family on these holidays.

    Michael Skidmore



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    God bless you for your kind words. My heart truly grieves for the Keokuk FD and the families of three of America's Bravest, and your community.

    Chaplain Jeff Turkel
    North Star VFD
    North Pole, Alaska

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    Barbara Lambert
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    Barbara, I really am sorry about your towns loss. My heart along with my husband, Craig Lambert really goes out to you and their families that lost their lives in thier brave efforts.I will pray for everyone that is effected in this tradgedy.Thanks for your thoghtfulness and your prayers.

    Barbara Lambert


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    Thank you for your kind words. My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone else in Keokuk, as you try to cope with your tragic loss. We all know in the back of our minds that the next alarm could be our last, but it seems as though this month more than any other in recent memory has been reminding us of it. Those three children also remind us of why we do it. Again, sincerest sympathy and condolences to you and all of Keokuk, Iowa.

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    The services I attended in Keokuk on Sunday can not be reflected in words. The emotion and the feeling of loss can only be truly felt by those who were there. But if I may I would like to send you something that comes from my heart. After the services in Albert City in 1998 I struggled to come to terms with the sense of loss of our brother firefighters. Keokuk brought that same struggle. I sometimes pen some words to help me through the emotions so I hope these words will help others as well.
    The flags dip low the heads bow down
    The bell has rung in a far away town
    They are our brothers they may not be near
    But our common bond means we hold them so dear
    We all know the risk the chance that we take
    Always hoping that their sacrifice we don't make
    Why did it have to happen you often hear some wonder
    The answer we know we brothers won't ponder
    For we know why we don't give it a thought
    Sacrifice to others is what we've been taught

    Keith Ostrander,
    a brother

    Everybody comes home....everytime

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the "outsider's perspective". Most people don't want or try to understand.Every firefighter knows each call can be their last. All you can do is be as careful as possible, sometimes not enough though, and give your family a hug EVERY time you leave. Thanks for caring.

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    barbra ,
    Thank you for your time and thoughts this is a very hard time for all of us in the fire service. We all thank you for your time in finding this site and giving us your thoughts and prayers.Please keep all of us in your thoughts every day. sincerly. todd atherton NATFD

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