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    Question What to expect in FF1 training?

    I just wanted to know what to expect in FF1 and how I can prepare myself. I'll be taking the class in Jan. so if anyone has any information for me on what I should do to prepare for it, I'd really appreciate it.


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    Keep your eyes and ears open and most of all, get involved. They'll teach you as much as you want to absorb...


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    You will learn the basics of firefighting, but just enough to get yourself into trouble. Pay close attention to everything they say, it may save your butt some day. Pay especially close attention to the "fire behavior" portion of the class, as this info. is priceless. Your experiences after the class, as well as the lessons taught by the veteran FF's are the most important ones you will learn.

    Learn all the jobs, at some point you'll have to do them

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    Dean C. Olsen
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    BigJim, Greetings from Washington,

    I hope that your recruit training will include a lot of hands on training. The skills that you learn while handling the equipment that we use is priceless. I have seen the results of classes that pound the book work but neglect the hands on, and sorry to say but the firefighters are just not up to meeting the task, and they require additional training to be involved.

    I instruct new recruits and out of a 3 hour training session I try to get 2 hours of hands on training for every 1 hour of class room time. If I can remember the saying correctly, we retain 30% of what we hear, 50% of what we see and hear, and 75% of what we see, hear and do! If you are not getting ample time with the equipment, ask the instructors why.

    The fire service can be extremely fun, while on the other hand it is extremely dangerous. Stay safe, and have fun.

    Captain Dean C. Olsen

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    Hey Bud, When you get into the class, Man jump right in there, ask any questions you have and listen to the instructors and they should teach some of what you need to know. Let me know how you are doing in class

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    LISTEN , LISTEN , LISTEN and always ask questions . I've been involved in Fire Fighter training for along time and its always the rookies who listen and ask questions who do the best .

    Good luck and if I can ever help you please feel free to contact me !!!!!!!!

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