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    Brandy620 Guest

    Wink Hi, there

    Hi, How's it going?
    This is my first time doing anything like this, I'm sure it will be fun.
    I've been with the fire dept. for four year's now. This year I was(in our dept) firefighter of the year. I was very honored by my fellow workers. They are a great group.
    I'm also Fire Prevention Officer, also fulltime firefighter/EMS/Auto Ex. I really enjoy what we do. I know I say we alot, but it's a team thing.
    Hope someone reply's. Nice talking with you.
    Your's in Fire Safety, Brandy

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    craig7404 Guest


    Hi Brandy620 Welcome from Big Sandy, Texas. I hope you will like it here in the forums. It has been really fun for me reading and sometimes putting in my 2 cents worth to our brothers and sisters. The advice and help is good and the joking is funny.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Dave Grice Guest

    Thumbs up

    Hey Brandy,
    Hope you enjoy the forums as much as I have in the short time I've been to them. So tell us, what did you do to be named firefighter of the year? (No need to be modest either!!) Congratulations on that honor. I know your family must be very proud. Happy New Year to you and your family, and hopefully you and your dept. won't be too busy on New Year's Eve. Stay safe.

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    Dude Guest


    Hello Brandy,

    Welcome to the Forum. It is an interesting place with lots of good people in it. Everyday I find that what I thought was a unique problem or issue peculiar to my side of the world is almost universal in the world of firefighting. Have a long and safe career.

    Wagga Wagga Rural Fire Service
    New South Wales, Australia

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    Friendly_fireman Guest


    Hi Brandy, I'm new at this too, hope you have a safe and happy New Year, and may all you wishes and dreams come true, how long have you been a firefighter? Hope to chat with you sometime in the near future.

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    Captain Hickman Guest


    To the two Newbes...Welcome on board. I'm sure you will find this place one of the most interseting and enlighting places on the Super Highway that deals with the Fire Service. Again Welcome.

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