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    My name is Tracey . I have 11 years with my paid on call fire dist. I am the Asst. chief and have been for the past year. I look forward to making some new friends and sharing idea. My FD is going thru alot of changes. Change is good with what we are doing, but it is hard for some people to understand thanks Tracey


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    Dean C. Olsen Guest


    Tracey, greetings from Washington!

    Change? Boy has my department seen some changes in the last 10 years. We had an all volunteer fire department until 1989, when the city hired our full time Chief. Since that time we have grown to 2 full time Chiefs, 3 Captains, 3 Firefighter/Medics, and 9 Firefighter/EMT's. Along side of these full time employees are our part time volunteers that number 30 at this time. The bigest challenge is to keep these volunteers active and with the feeling that they are not only wanted, but that they are needed!

    Stay safe.

    Captain Dean C. Olsen

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    craig7404 Guest


    Welcome Tracey My name is Craig and I have been a volunteer ff for 22 years and a Captain for the last 15 years and in that time we have changed to much to list, but most of the changes are for the good.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Dude Guest


    Hello Tracy,

    Welcome to the Forum. I have been a Volunteer in the New South Wales, Australia
    fire service going on 17 years. You would'nt
    think that a name change from Bush Fire Brigades to Rural Fire Service could cause a lot of turmoil. You would think we were trying to get the guys to give up their leather beaters and switch over to hoses. Just kidding, but change is good if it means a more effective and safer department. Let's hope change does not equal turmoil.

    Best wishes in the new century

    Wagga Wagga Rural Fire Service
    (formerly WW Bushfire Brigade)
    New South Wales, Australia

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    Lt.Todd Guest

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    I just joined also I've been with Atlanta fire for 11 1/2 years and in the fire service for 17.Feel good that things are changing , here in the Atl. nothing changes.I would guess that we are about 10 years behind other big cities , not in everything but in most.Iam very involved in training and tactics with our department , if you ever have anything new or different I might try please let me know.
    Have a great new year!!!!

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    Don't worry Batt#2 I believe in "You go We go". The changes will be rough at times.You'll never have to worry about it being "John Wayne Time" because I'll fight along side you anytime.

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