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    RAMBO-RED Guest


    Hello FIREHOUSE members :
    Im new to the Messgae Forum boards, I have been looking for a Message forum and/or a chat room for quite some time...I currently work for a Small County Funded EMS service in Northen Lower Michigan and am Looking for some discussion on the effectivenes of RURAL and CITY services and the benifits of some of the services that they provide...and Replies to this would be GREATLY appreciated....THANKS

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    craig7404 Guest


    Welcome RD you will find plenty to read and talk about here at the firehouse forums. I am with a small rurul county fire dept who provides first responder services for our district in conjunction with a small privite ambulance service and other then our response times being a little slower (in some cases), I believe that we provide as good of serivce as the big cities. Granted we don't have the best of equipment or manpower but we give it our best, just as our big city brothers and sisters do. The name of the game is the same no matter where you are from.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    capt1304 Guest


    Glad to know you. I am a Paramedic with a county service that servs appx. 55,000 people that averages appx. 15,000 calls a year. I also work part time for a rural service. i am looking forward to haring from you. E-mail if you want.

    Capt 1304

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    Brandy620 Guest


    I'm from a small town. As a firefighter and EMS we cover about 5000 people in a area of 500 square miles. It can definately be a challenge. It cover's three town's and a main highway threw Canada.
    We work real close with other EMS team's even the Paremedic's if they have time, come out and check out a auto ex. practice or something that interests them.
    Tap back. I'm interested in your area.
    Good luck to you, Brandy 620

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