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    dousaems Guest

    Cool New member

    Have been browsing through the forums for a while, but finally decided to post. Probably will see a lot of me in the terrorism and volunteer posts.
    Background: NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, certified in MD and PA, instructor, Haz-Mat tech, specialize in terrorism and chemical weapons incident.
    Looking forward to many a good discussion.

    Todd Dousa

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    Scott Clark Guest


    Welcome on board Todd. It appears your quite involved, good! I'm interested in what a CCEMT-P is compared to the Nationally Registered Paramedic? Is that from PA? I'll look forward to your input on Terrorism and all that "modern-day-fire-service-worry"

    If we stand united.... We will never fall.

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    dousaems Guest


    CCEMT-P is a certification I got from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. It is Critical Care Transport, but used to be known as Critical Care Paramedic when I took it years ago. It is a two week intensive class that focuses on the care of patients on such things as Intra-Aortic Balloon pumps, vents, exotic drips, etc. The pharmacology is way extended past standard stuff, and included paralytics when it began (which is now pretty commonplace). Excellent course. Had a blast!!
    It is a certification that is not really well-recognized across the U.S. since it is such a niche type of training class. But private EMS folks and aero-transport crews love it.

    Todd Dousa

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    craig7404 Guest


    Welcome Todd. Glad you decided to join us because it sounds like you have a lot to offer. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Lt1208 Guest


    Welcome from another new poster. Our service was the first in W.V. to use cct trucks. We've ran ,I don't know exactly, but a bunch of medics through the course. I think the curriculum originally came from Univ. of Maryland, probably same course as you. We currently run 3 person crews on our cct trucks, emt,emt-p and rn. The emt-p and rn do the Healthnet IV fixed wing flights also. Still on waiting list to get into class, still just a normal emt-p. Look forward to hearing you on forums, anxious to see similiarity of services. Look us up on Welcome and Happy New Year.

    T. Bibb, EMT-P

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    firefly1361 Guest


    Its good to see a fellow Marylander in here. Drop me a line sometime. I'm a Fire Fighter/EMT here in Carroll County.

    Heather Helm
    Gamber & Comm Fire Co.
    Carroll Engine Co. 13.
    Gamber, Maryland

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