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    I am the Training Officer for my fire dept. and was wanting to set up an accountablity system for when a firefighter goes into a burning structure. I was needing some ideas on how to set one up. Thanks for any help that you can give me.


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    lunchbox Guest


    In my dept. we use the tag system. it is a system with three tags 2 are the same color and 1 is diffrent.
    The first tag (lets say it is green) stays in the truck that you wrode in on. The purpose is so the driver knows who was on his truck, at the end of the fire.
    The second tag (lets say it green) goes to who ever is in charge of accountability at the fire ground operation. He/She has total control over man power in the building.
    The third tag ( lets say it is blue) stays with th fire fighter until he/she goes to rehab. fire fighters are not allowed back in the building with out a rehab accountability tag on their persons.


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    firefly1361 Guest


    Hi at my station we use a tag system that has each fire fighters stats on it. We have two tags. One tag stays with the fire fighter the other tag is given to the Officer in charge on the engine and is placed on a large metal ring and is kept in the engine.

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    LMRCap1 Guest


    We use a similar tag system as lunchbox only we add a fourth tag they go as such.
    1 on the truck
    2. goes to the IC
    3. goes to team leader
    4. Goes to command in the area. ie at the door to the building.
    all of our tags have our emergency info on them and folded so it can not be read. Blood type, medical conditions, normal at rest vital signs. One tag will go to the hospital if needed(pray its not needed) and the doctor can cut open for the info. These tags are all done on the computer and laminated. We do replace some due to the heat but all info is stored and easy to do.

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