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    JonJohn33 Guest

    Smile New guy....

    Hi, my name is Jon Johnson hence the name JonJohn.... I'm from Oklahoma and I'm 17. I want to be a volunteer firefighter. I, however, have a few things that I'm afraid might get in the way. I will be going to college in about 1 1/2 years. I'm also 6'7 tall. Any input?

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    kfdffrab Guest


    Welcome Jon, These forums are a great place to get wonderful info. I believe you have to be 18 to join the Vol. FD. Depending on your dept's requirements it could take almost a year to get the training needed for a new recruit. If you are going to live home while in college you could do it, or maybe you could join the department near your college. Another suggestion might be to check your local FD to see if they have an explorer group. If so you could get started now and have a lot of your training before you are 18. Good luck in whatever you do. Happy New Millenium, Roger

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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    hey, 79 inches ain't that tall. my volunteer dept. here in nebraska has a person that has 4 inches on you so height isn't a problem for membership. just be careful and check out things like seat adjustments in units you may drive because there may be some that you can't drive. you have a long life ahead of you and don't let 4 or 5 years of college deter you from firefighting afterwards. some small colleges have towns with volunteer departments and some colleges have there own departments and degree programs in the fire sciences. weigh all of your options carefully before making a decision but don't lose that dream while your making other things happen.
    good luck and don't let the beast bite when you get your chance.

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    dam ,they grow'em big down there !!should'nt be any problem.if its in your heart go for it , please understand , its not for everyone. we got short, tall, taller,big, slim ,and bigger and they all are great firefighters. we come in all sizzzes, just do it !!

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    JonJohn33 Guest


    Thanks for your encouragement and help. I guess I could do the training and get certified and then volunteer in college. Could I do that?

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    Break-N-Entry Guest


    Yo! Break-N-Entry in da house livin large and in charge givin a big shout out HELLO and WHATZ-UP to my main man JJ in the OK state. Man if you 6'7" I needs me a power forward for da volunteer firefighters basketball team, TRUE! How fast can you get to Jersey? PEACE!

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    JonJohn33 Guest


    It would be very difficult for me to get there right now.

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    firefly1361 Guest


    Hi John. Here at my station in Maryland you can be 16 to start training. As for being 6'7 that wouldn't be a problem. You'd be alot of help to someone like me who is only 5'4. Stay safe and have fun. Becoming a Fire Fighter is not only fun but is rewarding.

    Heather Helm
    Fire Fighter/ EMT
    Gamber & Comm Fire Company
    Engine Co. 13
    Gamber, Maryland

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