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    Mike Cope
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    Smile Just saying "Hello

    First of all I would like to say how much I enjoy the Fire House Magazine. There is a lot of information that can be used by all.
    Being a firefighters was my dream as a kid growing up. I lived about a block from a fire station, and found it fascinating how big the truck were and knew then I wanted to be a firefighter.
    I've been a Griffith, Indiana firefighter for 14 years and currently hold the rank of captain of station 3. I am also the senior training officer for our department. I am in the process of establishing a Rapid Intervention Team concept and could use any information about training, and RIT procedures. I conduct training twice a month
    and FFI&II training twice a week, so I spend a lot of time at the station, either training new firefighters or routine duties as a Captain.
    Hope to hear from other firefighters out there soon


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    Colin Fraser
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    Welcome Mike,

    I'm sure you will love being in the forum as I have recently joined as well and already have made contact with several fellow fireys.

    I live across the big pond in Scotland and if you want any info from our Brigade drop a line.

    Til then take care and enjoy your time in the forum.

    Colin Fraser

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    Howdy Mike,
    I'm new to the Forum myself. But from the little time I've here I love it. Its definitly the place to share stories, opinions and comments with our fellow Brothers and Sisters. Drop me a line sometime. Until then Stay Safe

    Heather Helm
    Gamber and Community Fire CO

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    Welcome aboard, Mike. I'm sure you'll enjoy the site- it's a great place to meet and exchange info with others in the field. Look forward to your future posts. Stay safe..

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    Hey Mike, welcome aboard. I have alot info on RIT teams and self rescue . Some of the things I do with my crew is first get back to basics; staying low,B/A training,knowing where in the building your located at all times. I do alot of drills on getting a downed firefighter out of building , upstairs, out of windows, down ladders. If you need specific drills let me know.
    Lt.Todd Edwards
    Atlanta Fire

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