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    Question Firefighter/Teacher

    I am a middle-school teacher as well as a volunteer firefighter. I was wondering if there is anyone else who is in the similar position? If so, how does one affect the other? For example, responding to night time alarms. (There is no way I can be late for school.) Thanks and stay safe.

    Chad Stanley
    Fries Volunteer Fire Dept.

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    I'm not a teacher but I'm in a similar postion that you are in. I'm a Customer Service Rep for a major Book Publisher. In the middle of the night you learn to pick and chose your calls if it sounds like a mjaor fire then you might not want to go but then again a small incident can turn major. I'm also and EMT so I try to ride the medic more than the engine in the middle of the night. I have to be at work at 0830 hrs so I usually stop riding the medic around 0600 and the engine around 0500 hrs.Stay Safe


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    I'm a full time special education teacher in a private school. I'm also an EMT in the volunteer system. I usually have my duty tours on the weekend (Fri & Sat nite), gives me Sunday to do school work. During the week I usually will not take a call after about 1 am since our calls last several hours, very rural. I have to leave not later than 7:30am for school.


    Lynn Dousa, EMT/IVT

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