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    Talking Hello From BB vigin

    Hello from the great state of Maryland. This is my first BB I've belonged to, and am looking forward to interaction with FF's world wide

    Be smart and stay safe

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    Welcome!!! I am a part-time firefighter from a small-town in central Ohio. I can tell you from experience, you've picked a good group of people to get to know. Any time you have a question or need an opinion these are the people to ask. Hope you enjoy these forums.Take care and see you around.


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    pvfr fyrfyter
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    greetings from Nebraska. have only been on for about three weeks but look forward to logging on every night to see what is new in the world of firefighting. am on small volunteer dept. and look forward to your participation in the various forums.

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    Howdy from Maryland. Where in MD are ya from? I live in Carroll County. I'm a volunteer Fire fighter/EMT-B. I hoping to get a job with the Baltimore County Fire Dept. someday and to become a Paramedic. Drop me a line some time.


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    Brian Johnson
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    Greetings from Okinawa Japan. You will find great advice and interesting topics here.


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    Dave Grice
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    Welcome to the Show!
    I really enjoy this sight and hope you will too. Drop a line sometime if you have a chance.

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    Hello from Texas and welcome to the forums anytime we can help just ask and someone here will be able to answer you. Have fun.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    I love MD -- spent some time in PG County living at Truck 12........And interning at CFSI in DC.......It was the best!!!

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