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    Red face New Jersey Fire Officer

    Hello all, I am a Lt. with the Blenheim Vol.Fire Co. located in Camden County NJ. I have 9 years of service I am a First Responder and Extrication Tech. Make Room for the Truck Co.------SEND ME MORE ENGINE GUYS THE REST HAVE MELTED

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    pvfr fyrfyter
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    as a volunteer firefighter on a dept. with no trick company, I have to respond. If you can't stand the heat, go climb a ladder and ventilate.
    Just kidding, welcome to the discussions.

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    Jersey Truckie,
    Welcome aboard, and as a career FF assigned to an engine company I too must respond.

    Here's one ripped-off from the joke thread.

    Q. Why do truckies cut holes in roof's?

    A. So they can see what the real FF's are doing inside.

    ~Smooth Bore For The Hard Core~

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    Hey Lt. Here in Atlanta , Ga Iam assigned to the Engine 90% of the time , but when the Captains off Iam on the truck. So I play the field a little bit, when Iam on the Engine I refer to all the truckies as support guys or second stringers, and when Iam on the Truck I call the Engine guys (speed Bumps) has I walk over them to get to the fire. I cant lie though, Iam a Engine guy all the way.Give me a nozzle any time!!!!
    Always glad to meet a fellow officer who loves what he does , take care and be safe.

    Lt.Todd Edwards/AFD.
    Company 10:THE ANIMAL HOUSE.


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    Welcome, I ride on Truck Co. 30 in Bucks Co. PA. We are right across the river from Trenton. "Those who can Do, Those who Can't ride the Engine" (just jokin guys)

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    Red face

    Damn maybe we should pick on the Squad whackers(ONLY KIDDING) thanks for the replys Patches traded email jerseyTruckie@firehousemail.com

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