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    Post New Member, looking for info on New Yorker helmets

    Hey, IM a first timer here... We have a bunch of guys trying to convince our administartion to let us wear Leather New Yorker helmets. Can anyone help me out here? Currenly we can only wear issued Carns 880 helmets.

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    we switched to leather NYers in 1980, have not had a head injury since. They are sturdier and built to take the job. Hey, if FDNY still wears em dayin/dayout, they must work. You might want to go to the Cairns website and get more info. Good Luck

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    I could be wrong, but I thought FDNY was switching to the morning pride helmets (now Paul Conway).

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    It is my understanding that FDNY does not issue leather helmets any longer. From what I can tell, based purely on heresay and observation, they issue 1010 style helmets and allow members the option of buying a leather helmet.

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