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    kodiak113 Guest

    Post Volunteers

    I'm 15 year vet. of volunteer FD with a full time paid chief. Still enjoying it. We have the same problem as most volunteer FD which is retention and recruting. Thought I'd check this out as I've been reading through it for about a year. We're in Kodiak Alaska.

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    chief4102 Guest


    Welcome and greetings from Michigan.

    Be Safe

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    lunchbox Guest


    Hey kodiak;
    Out in N.Y. we have the same problem of keeping always seems to be the same 10-15 people that show up for everything. So if there are any answers to your question on how to keep members? I do not have them, but would love to hear them if someone does.


    morning and have a good day

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    craig7404 Guest


    Hello and welcome from Texas. Have fun and glad you have joined us.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    BigJohn Guest


    One thing is for sure.... don't offer anything of value as a gift for new members... you'll end up spending a lot of money to get a bunch of leeches that you'll never see again!

    John Higgins
    Perry Twp. VFD
    Lawrence Co., OH

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    Pete Swan Guest


    The department that I am involved with has a full time chief and no other paid positions also. We offer a pention to membbers only after they have been active for 3 years. We also supply all equipment, pay for training plus give members stipends for training attended. To keep the members we have is only part of the problem, the other part as we all know is recruitment. Any answers would be appreciated by all.

    Pete Swan
    Deputy Chief, Mystic Fire Department

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    Flameout Guest


    Hello from NY State! Welcome to the Forum.

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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    here in husker country we have the same problems. just remember that a thank you to every person who responds after each call can go a long way towards keeping the ones you have. as for getting new ones, don't be afraid to go door to door occasionally, as some may not be aware of who, what, or when the dept. operates. this sounds silly but it just got our rescue company 5 new members who just completed their EMT.

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    Diane Guest


    If you don't have one already, organize a Junior-Expolorer Post. We've gotten more firefighters from our reinstated (fall 1990) Junior Company then from any other source. They join and their friends join, they siblings join...We've even had a couple of dads join because their sons did. When they turn 18 or are 17 and a Senior in HS and they can join the department. That's how I joined. Some do go away to college (I did for three years), but the dept. offers a school leave option. We've maybe had a handful that went away to school and never came back. Most of the kids go to the local community college.

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    kodiak113 Guest


    Well thanks for all your replies.
    Diane, We talked about restarting an Explorers group but we we're thinking that we'd lose them to collage but maybe your right. Also we talked about trying to get a teacher to help out with some of the volunteers also helping. One thing for sure, you need a dedicated individual to ram rod it.
    Pete, I would like to know more about the pention that you offer your troops. Maybe you could Email me some of the requirements and benifits. We've also talked about this but nothing has been done. I think it would be an incentive to the self employed on our FD.
    We have what is called a Service District here. We set our own mill rate (taxes) for the FD. The Borough collects them and takes care of the paper work. Our Board (5 People voted in)pretty much can do what they want.
    One more thing. We get a stippend of $10. per call and per drill. Do you think we're employes of the Borough or not? It seems we are when they want us and are not when we want something. What dou you think?
    Well thats enough for now.
    Thanks kodiak113 (Doug)

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    Fire190 Guest


    Doug, Just wanted to say hello. Been thinking of ways to get more volunteers to the company. With all the families liveing in this area you would think that some would volunteer if just to help out thier neighbors and the community. Once again will see you Sunday for SuperBowl if not before..


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    f-2andy Guest


    Keep up the good work Doug.

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    jboczek Guest


    I don't know about every state, but in IL we're considered employees because we get paid per call. I try to thank everybody who makes a call and I also try to make sure everybody has a job to do, not just at fires, but around the station, too. Keep everybody busy and they'll feel needed.


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    fireman98_us Guest


    hi just wanted to drop a note from indiana, i'm new on this board and collect fire patches is anyone intrested or have any patches to spare e-mail me please thanks, stay safe your fellow vol. ff richard wallace

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