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    I've just recently signed on to "" message forums after browsing through the many topics and reading many of the submitted items. as a 20 year plus member of my local volunteer fire department and a past Chief I've really enjoyed reading the perspectives and views of fellow firefighters from around the country. I've been writing a firefighting collumn for a local newspaper titled "FIREFIGHTER'S NEWS & VIEWS" for a little over three years now and will definatly be using the valuable info and insites found troughout this site. Here's a question and answer to ponder; What is the most valuable resource the volunteer fire service has to rely on?

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    in answer to your question- #1 resourse is the people that are willing to put in there own time to slay the dragon. Never forget that the ten seconds to say thanks will be a balm to any hurt feelings when the canines meet the fanny.

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    pvfr fyrfyter,

    You are absolutly right! Without the dedicated men and women who put it on the line to VOLUNTEER we would be in serious trouble! 75% of all firefighters in the United States are Volunteers. Remember ALL firefighters are professionals. Some get paid, the rest VOLUNTEER!

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