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    Smile water???

    anyone seen any precipitaion lately. here in southeast Nebraska its so dry that were already having the grass fires that usually don't come until april. had one today that took out about 70 acres of grassland and we had to walk infront of the trucks to make sure we didn't drop any axles into the heat cracks. would gladly trade if i could some of our recent balmy 50's weather for about 4-6 inches of slow falling wet snow. don't wnat that godawful cold that the northeast has been plagued with tho'. just being picky. stay warm at home and let the dragon take a long winters nap.

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    Flameout Guest


    What we would do for some heat here in NY State! As of right now its 10 below zero with a blanket of snow. No grass fires here! Unfortunatly we've been blessed with an overabundance of structure fires. So much for the Dragon taking a long winters nap! Keep the faith!

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