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    Hello all new member here. I am in North Pole Alaska, I am in the US Air Force and i am volunteering for the North Pole Fire Dept. Like to chat and am always wanting to learn how to do the job.

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    Diane Guest


    Wow, that is so cool! (No pun intended there!) Do you get a lot of fires?? How do you keep the hose from feezing?? How do you keep yourself from freezing?? We had a basement fire a couple of weekends ago right near the water, so we got that wind on top of the already frigid temperatures. Even with full gear on, I was cold!! And we had to roll the hose. We didn't use a lot, fortunately.

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    Polarbear Guest


    Welcome from us here at the NORTHPOLE?!?!?!
    I saw the new member login of "np" so I thought it might have been one of my guys, but lo and behold....NP ALASKA!!! Hope you enjoy and learn from the forums.

    Robert T. Schorr FF/EMT/HMT
    Northpole Fire Co (Watertown,Jefferson Co, NY)

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    craig7404 Guest


    Hello and Welcome to the forums, a great place to meet and chat with other firefighters from around the world.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Dave Grice Guest


    Hello and welcome!
    Hope you enjoy the sight. I am also curious how you guys operate up at the Pole. We've had three building fires this past week in the low teen's and I didn't know if I was gonna make it! I hate the cold, so you get my utmost respect for working up there! If you ever feel like talking, give me a hollar.
    Stay safe -

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    fyrgeek Guest


    Hello npfirefighter. My name is Dennis and I am also in the Air Force and i'm with the other fire dept, NORTH STAR VFD. I hope to here from you sonn and see you around Team Iceman.

    Dennis Kuritz
    North Star VFD

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