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    Any truth to this?

    "A bonehead recognition to the Charleston, West Virginia fire department for building a new $1 million fire station that cannot open because it violates the fire code.
    While it only needs a different door, itís interesting how this happened. Neither the fire department nor the building commission ever reviewed blueprints for the new fire station.
    Associated Press 18-Jan-00"

    Sorry, but must also include the following. Wouldn't want to violate copyright.

    "All materials written by Jerry Lerman are Copyright 2000 by Jerry Lerman.
    All Rights Reserved.
    All our stories are from mainstream press releases and newspapers.
    You are free to send this to anybody you choose so long as the copyright notice and mailing list information is sent along with it.
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    P.S. This is a hysterical mailing list describing some of the dumbest people in the world (Mostly US and UK)

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    John Denney
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    You always have to be careful when you read the paper. You are at the mercy of the writer who may or may not know all the details of the given subject. While it is certainly possible that this event occurred, it is also possible that the non-compliant door was installed during construction and then found during a final inspection.

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