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    chf jstano
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    Talking Hi from Northern N.Y.

    I'm asst. chief of a primarily rural volunteer dept.in NNY located between Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river. Since I've been logging on here for about a year.I'd like to say HELLO and THANK YOU to all those who contribute and exchange ideas and opinions on this forum. I am constantly amazed by both the differences and at the same time the similarities we all have.The resources and knowledge shared here are second to none.I truly believe that it is a day wasted that you do not learn at least one new thing.These forums have certainly broadened my understanding and made me feel closer and a part of those who share a common bond and goal.


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    Hello Chief and welcome. You are very right we should all learn something new everyday and the forums is a great place to start and to share ideas with all your brothers and sisters in the fire and ems service.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Hello Chief and welcome, this is the place to learn something new everyday. How is the weather up north? Here in Rochester we are getting some serious snow this year. We already have 74+ inches and our yearly average is 93 inches. Stay safe and stay warm!

    Roger E. Welch Sr.

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    Hello chief, from a neighboring department.

    Robert T. Schorr FF/EMT/HMT
    Northpole Fire Co (Watertown,Jefferson Co, NY)

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