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    Post NJ FF/EMT checking in

    I'm a Volunteer Firefighter with an Engine Co and I also ride the Volunteer EMS rig. I used to do the Engine exclusively till I learned that on the EMS side, I can actually help someone EVERY time out, and when I get done... I dont stink so bad !

    My "real" job is in HR for a Hopsital System in central Jersey

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    Welcome aboard...

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    Hello and welcome to the forums from Texas. Glad to have you. Have fun.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Dave Grice
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    Hope you enjoy the forums, there are a lot of great people here. Stay warm, stay safe.

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    Greetings to someone from the Jersey Shore. I grew up in Bayonne, but lived in Hazlet till I joined the Air force in 77. Now live in north Pole, Alaska & serve with the North Star VFD. Welcome to the neighborhood.


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