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    Post "Hello From Texas"

    Just sign on today I work in New Braunfels Fire Department, Texas. It's about 30 min north from San Antonio. We have 4 station and 22 people on shift, we do Fire and EMS, 24 hrs on 48 off. I hear to hear new things and able to ask question I may have....be safe out there....NBFD340


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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    Welcome to the forums, NBFD340. You'll find that there is a ton of useful stuff in here!

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Hi and welcome from another NBFD a couple thousand miles away from you.

    Mike Gentili

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    Welcome from the upper part of Texas. If things are too warm down in New Braunfels, come up here to Carthage where we stil have about an inch or two of accumulated sleet on the ground. We can build a sleetman!

    Slip sliding away,
    Ed Brando
    Carthage V.F.D.

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    Hello and Welcome from another Texas Brother in far Northeast Texas about 45 miles north of Tyler. The forums are alot of fun and a great way to get info from all our fire brothers. Beautiful area you have down in the Hill country.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Dave Grice
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    Welcome from the North. Maybe you could send us some warm weather this way to melt a little snow. Hope you enjoy the forums. Stay safe.

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    Howdy from East Texas, South of Tyler and North of Lufkin, In the big middle of No Wheresville,, See you on the Forums

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    hey nbfd,
    we are from the same neck of the woods, have you been through niederwald? its close to kyle/buda area.
    welcome to the forums. most every one here is alright. just keep your eyes on the boys from fdny . just kidding there are ok to for yankees :-)

    nvfd 933

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    Hello from New York State, and welcome to firehouse forums! There is an endless amount of info in here that covers just about every topic! Enjoy. Stay safe.

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