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    Post new member from NY

    Hello to all my brothers and sisters!! I'm new to this forum, but from what I've seen so far it is great! Nice to see so many of us sharing info with each other instead of keeping it all a secret. Aside from working in Emergency Services full time, I do consulting and training on CISM and LODD. One thing I've learned in doing this is that we are all the same, different names, titles, places....but all share the same drive, desire to help, and committment. If I may EVER be of any help to any of my family members, just ask. Until then....stay safe, keep the faith, and take care of each other.

    Take care,

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    Hello Paul and welcome from Texas. You are very much right about this being a great place to share ideas because that is what we do. I look forward to hearing your ideas in the future.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert

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    Dave Grice
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    A person with your experience will greatly be appreciated on the forums. Hope to hear from you. Stay safe.

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    Welcome to forums from a fellow New Yorker from Sullivan County. You don't by any chance belong to the Hudson Valley CISM team?Let me know if you do. Stay safe.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    Welcome to the forums, Paul! CISD is an important part of our fire service family, and we will welcome your input. Hopefully, we will not require your LODD services!

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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