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    Dave Grice
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    Cool To my Brother FF's in Texas

    After reading some of these posts and seeing a couple of yu guys from Texas up on the posts, I just wanted to let ya'll know that a guy from my dept. here in Cleveland area was hired in Garland a couple months ago. He's a great guy to work with, so if you run with the guys in Garland at all treat him well, 'cause he'll be there for anyone and everyone until the end. Craig, you're missed up here in EC!!

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    Thanks for the quick reply, I have a friend in Houston, being new at this I know you have written but I can't retreive it, so maybe you should send by e-mail.
    My e-mail is pwduffy@firehousemail.com, maybe buy the time you get one of those off I act and be a little smarter about this format.

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    HEy FireFighter from Crockett.
    I get up arround there with my job a little and see them every once in a while.. Ill give him a shout if it see him.

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