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    Exclamation ARFF Info Needed ASAP

    Greetings fellow firefighters! I am in need of quick help on some information about ARFF. The question is this: Is there a published "industry standard" in ARFF that specifies a goal for the maximum time that should elapse from the time of an on-airport accident until the time that the viable passengers should be extricated, stabilized and enroute to a trauma center?

    Obviously, there is the standard "golden hour" rule, but is there something more specific for ARFF/CFR? If so, and you know where I can get my hands on this information, your immediate reply is greatly appreciated. THANKS...and be safe!

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    The thing I have heard "them" pushing us to accomplish is to have 1st patients being transported within 20 minutes; this is the goal that is stressed to us at our MCI drills.... Don't know where it's from, but will try to find out. Back on shift tomorrow (3 Feb), so be back with ya on Friday, with or without answers.

    Til then, Watch yer topknot

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    We all know about the "Golden Rule" in EMS but in ARFF there is a "national goal" of 20 minutes from the time of the alarm to the time the first patient is on the road to the hospital. This is a goal that has been agreed upon by ARFF units, trauma centers and leading doctors to be something to work towards. We all would love to see this happen but in real life, this cannot always be true due to delayed extrication, fire extinguishment, response, etc.

    One place to turn for help is the ARFF Working Group. This is a global organization put together to help strive for the 20min. goal and answer questions just like this. Their web site is WWW.ARFFWG.ORG They have a lot of useful information that can be used for training as well.

    Another place to look is the FAA home page at FAA.GOV Here you can find statistics on airport safety as it relates to the ARFF department. You can also look up the FAA regulations for ARFF and studies the FAA has conducted in mass casulty incidents.

    Try these two sites first, if you can't find what your looking for in these two sites they can link you to where you can. I am a former Airport Fire Chief at the Chippewa Valley Airport in Eau Claire, WI and these two sites helped me a great deal for training, info., and things.

    Good luck and stay safe!!


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    There are standards that address the response phase of things...

    They are NFPA 402 & 403

    and FAA FAR-139.319

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