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    Greetings to all the world's bravest from one of New England's rawest probie volunteers! Fresh from recruit training at a youthful 36 yrs. and looking forward to learning everything I can from all who are wiser and more experienced.


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    Welcome to firehouse forums haze from snowy New York State! If your looking for things to learn youv'e come to the right place. This site is full of interesting topics and information. Enjoy! Stay safe!

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    Hello and welcome from once again sunny and warm Northeastern Texas. You have found the right place to get and advice you may want. My advice is to always wear your ppe, never stop learning and listen to those around you who have been there before.

    Good Luck And Be Safe
    Craig Lambert
    Harmony Consolidated
    Volunteer Fire Department

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    hi probie, being a FF has alot to do with comon sense. listen to the guys that have been around for along time. learn and train with your PPE & SCBA as much as you can laern it inside and out they may save your butt same day. BE SAFE.

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    Welcome from another New England firefighter, you've found a great source of info and discussion.

    David Brooks, Firefighter, D/O, 1st Resp.
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire

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