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    Exclamation US Capitol Building

    Isn't it ironic that this building - the center of our nations government - which is visited by millions each year, is so far out of fire code that it would take years to fix the problems according to the Capitol Architect? From the news report, it seems as many of the other government buildings are in the same stae of violation. HMMM, and then we wonder why some are not interested in passing legislation for FD's.

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    Good point Capt. The same also applies to most of our own local fire stations. If it wasn't for the maintenance and upkeep provided by firefighters themselves, these buildings would crumble down around us. You don't see other city/town owned buildings in such deplorable condition. I guess it's because we're out of sight, out of mind and local officials only think of us during emergencies. Who cares if those firefighters live in unsafe, antiquated buildings. All they do is sit around all day anyway, thinking up more things to cry about and waste taxpayers money on. We need trucks, we need tools, we need breathing apparatus, we need better protective clothing. What are they thinking, we bought them all this stuff 25 years ago. It was good enough then. This new generation, geez..................

    Mike Gentili

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    And do you all know why there is a Congressional Fire Services Caucus and a Congressional Fire Services Institute? It's because there WAS a fire on the Hill (in the late 80's I believe) and NO ONE knew what to do! There weren't even too many extinguishers in the area. They were VERY lucky. Congressman Curt Weldon (PA), a former volunteer firefighter, basically started it up. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, by all means do so! He is very passionate about the fire service. Meanwhile, you can check out CFSI through the gov't links on this site.....

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    Dave Grice
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    I agree with Mike Gentili. Both Dept.'s that I work for are in such terrible shape, they need to be torn down!! But no one wants to hear about it. The only time government officials in the local communities want to talk about the fire dept.'s, it's when there is a terrible fire or emergency, or when they are looking for us to do the extra details around the city. (Putting up X-mas lights has become our new specialty! Also helping with water and service dept.) But when it comes to what these snakes can do for us it's usually, "sorry we don't have enough in the budget for you guys". Maybe one day we'll get the help we need, and hopefully it will start on Capitol Hill.

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    It doesn't just happen in DC

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    I requested some information from Mr. Sensenbrenner (Chair of Science and Tech Committee) regarding the Fire Act a few weeks ago. His comments were that making money available, as was done with law enforcement, would only strap local communities with futher governmental regulations and these entanglements would be more detrimental than positive. Unfortunately I believe that there may be some further governmental interference based on the granting of this money for the fire service, but when you achieve a critical need, I know that I'd be willing to make some concessions. But certain powerful members in DC do not realize that the fire service has achieved the status of critical need. Fire service, unless there are multiple fatalities or major loss, seems to be ignored. Almost the same way that the majority of congress (not all) would rather ignore the problem at the Capitol building and hope that nothing ever happens. Nothing like putting your head in the sand and ignoring the potential for disaster!

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