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    Ingo Wagenknecht
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    Talking German firefighters need information

    Hi there
    my name is Ingo and i am a volunteer from
    Aachen ,Germany.Me and 2 of my comrades from my FD planing a 4 week trip to the US (East Coast +- 500 miles ). We want to visit some FD in this area, we just want to know if there is someone who gives us a hint where to go,we are interested US firefighting in general,a fire is a fire, in europe or in the US but i am sure there are huge differences in tactics,equipment,etc.
    i hope someone can help

    cu Ingo


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    Boston, Mass., New York City, Baltimore, Maryland, College Park, MD (only because I lived in the fire house twice) and Washington, DC -- there's a good start for you! If you're in Connecticut, stop in West Haven at the University of New Haven. It's got a fire science program and neat facilities. All of these places have web-sites so check them out!

    If you get to Long Island, visit the Brookhaven Town Firefighter's Museum in Ridge.

    Have fun!!!!!!

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    Any fire department will be very receptive! The firefighting brotherhood is definately worldwide. I was able to spend a week with the Teublitz Feuerwehr in Bavaria a couple of years ago and was treated as a king. If you get near Western North Carolina, look me up, I would love to return the hospitality that the German brothers in Teublitz offered to me.

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    Hey if you get out Memphis way look me up. Hope you enjoy your visit to the states!!!!!!1

    Larry Boothby
    Truck 3 A-shift
    Local 1784

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    Brothers! Feel free, if you are in the Washington, DC area, to cross the Potomac River into northern Virginia and stop in at any Fairfax County fire station! We have hosted firefighters from Britain, France, Norway, and Australia, just to name a few. I have visited firehouses in Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany and Austria. We all speak a universal language...brotherhood and comraderie.

    Hoping to see you!!

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    If you are in the Boston area, you might want to visit the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. It is located in Stow which is about 25-30 miles West of the city. It is a great training resource for many of the firefighters across the state. Let me know if you are going to be in the area, and I'll try to set up a station visit with my Chief and officers for you.

    Stay safe!

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    Thumbs up

    Unfortunately Ohio is not exactly the east coast but if you care to venture inland, let me know. I can share my small town fire department and we make arrangements for other larger areas in Ohio. There are quite a few good brothers and sisters from Ohio who wouldn't mind sharing some Midwest hospitality.
    Either way, stay safe and have a wonderful jouney.


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    Cartersville Fire Dept
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    Dear Ingo,
    The Cartersville Fire Department would love to show you how small rural fire departments operate in the united states. I'm a Captain in our department, which is completely volunteer. I also work at Nicholasville city fire and would welcome you to see both.
    I served in the army in Viseck, Germany for 3 1/2 years and would like to meet you all.
    Our department is in Central Kentucky. If you are interested e-mail me at
    Have fun in the states.

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    The Pearl River Fire Department located in Rockland County, a suburb 20 miles Northwest of New York City would enjoy the pleasure of your company. We are a volunteer fire department but have many connections with the FDNY and could set you up with whatever your heart desires.

    If you decide to stop by this way, look us up or feel free to e-mail me at pokeyfd12@yahoo.com

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip brothers.

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    Fireman Ry
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    Hi. My name is Ryan. I run with a department that is right outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County. E-mail me if you are interested.

    Ryan B.

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    Hello I am outside of philadelphia to and philadelphia has a muesuem that would be good to see and in emmitsburg maryland at the national fire academy to see the facilitys there and the fallen firefighter memorial

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    If your in the area Phila, PA cross the bridge into New Jersey and stop by the Haddon Fire Company No.1 in Haddonfield, and I can also give you a tour of the Camden County Fire Academy while your in the area. Let me know by e-mail if you can.

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    If you come to Maryland then visit the Baltimore Fire Museum in Baltimore City then look me up I live about 30-40 min west of the city in a small country town. We are always glad to show some one around our station.

    Heather Helm
    Gamber and Community Fire Co.
    Carroll County Co.13
    Gamber, Maryland

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