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    Talking EMS Response by Police Officers

    Does anyone have any information concerning the use of Police Officers as EMT responders to be used in conjunction with Firefighters to supply EMS service? Any pros or cons would be appreciated.

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    Chief Hall,
    We have police officer/EMTs that respond in their cars along with the ambulance and fire engine because the 911 calls are switched through the police station switchboard. Some of the PD people really do help, and some just want names & ages of the patients. One thing we found very helpful was to hold an informational session with the PD in order to explain to them how they could be more helpful at EMS and fire scenes. If you need more input, mail me @: landmcal@cs.com

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    In Anchorage, Alaska the police department is dispatched along with Fire and EMS to cardiac arrest calls. This is because the police officers carry semi-auto defib. units in their vehicles. A.P.D. has had several saves using their defibs and arriving before fire and EMS. This system has worked well for them.


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    Chief: we have a similar situation in Marlborough as Uglee has in Burlington, but none of the members of the PD are EMT's except for the Chief of their Department. they are certified by state law as first responders. We deal with all three shifts and find officers on the 12:00 AM to 8:00AM crew are the best for helping out. The officers with the most seniority work the 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM shift and they are the ones who are there just to take names. We took over the first response EMS in 1974, 82% of our department are certified as EMT's, the rest are certified first reponder by the same statute that cover police officers.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Hello Chief, There is a similar Post on the General EMS Forum, Our City Requires ALL Police Officers be EMT-B or Higher, we provide ALS and AED response through our Police Dept,,as well as our F.D. run First Response.. it works great for us as our Closest MICU is 13 miles to our North,, the only thing that may make our situation a Little Differant is MOST of our Police officers are on the V.F.D. so they also Carry SCBA and Bunkers with them in the Car, if you would Like read the post in General EMS Forum explains a little more in depth to avoid repetition.

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