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    Post PA Grants?

    Within the last week mail has come across my desk regarding to options for grants to be offerred to PA Vol. FD's. I have very little information on the legislation. One letter (Republican) says 15 million in grants, the other (Democratic) says 25 million. If anybody knows more please let me know! Thanks for your help! Maybe we will get some grant money! Also - does anyone know if this is coming from tobacco settlement money or out of state insurance companies? Thanks!

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    The PA Fireman has been following the various pieces of proposed legislation at the state (and federal) level for the past few months as information becomes available. If your station doesn't have a subscription, it should...this is a great resource for information like this about PA legislative issues, general happenings in the PA fire service, as well as some technical articles, and it's dirt cheap.

    If you need info on the PA Fireman, go to the Lancaster County Firemen's Association website at and there is a link on the site for the PA Fireman.

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    Thanks! I do receive it, but didn't look through the last 2 months issues! Been a bit busy! Thanks! If you hear anything else please reply!

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