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    The Heart Behind the Hero
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    Smile Any Good "Rookie" Stories Out There?

    We are in the final stages of completing our book, "The Heart Behind the Hero",which is a collection of true short stories from Firefighters across America. We need a few more stories for our chapter on "Rookies". Humorous and/or heartwarming is what we are looking for.....Plus it would be fun to share Rookie stories with everyone!

    You can check out our website at www.firestories.com to read some of our sample stories....

    Take care and stay safe!


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    I was a New Rookie for about 2 mos. I have lived arround EMS and Fire all of my life..
    but i am a Paramedic and have never lived in a town that had EMS/Fire. I was voted on a Vol fire dept. in East Texas. Where there is trees. I grew up in Panhandle of Texas where the tallest tree was a mosquite BUSH. IT was one of my first forrest fires and it was me and the Chief on a Grass Truck. We Went by Incident Command and was assigned to a area at the head of the fire where there was property to protect. When we arrived we waited about 20 min and the chief was called about 100 yards away to talk to I.C. While he was gone i noticed a flame in the dense trees. I (as any good fire fire fighter would) started my pump and began to go through the woods and put the fire out. I over heard talking about that back burn should be getting here in a few min. I realized i had put the Back burn out instead of the fire. So in my quick thinking i reached into my pocket and grabbed my Zippo, ( my dept don't let a FF cary any other Lighter besides a zippo) and i started restarting,attemptin to start, a back burn on wet grass. My chief saw me bent over in the woods and come to check on me to see if i was ok. when he saw what i was doing he started laughing so hard he forgot about the dozer that was in the woods. We both went runnig for a clear area so that trees wouldn't dent my head more than my chief did. Needless to say when there is a forrest fire i am told quite frequently which is a back burn and which is not. Even by the Texas Forrestry Service, which i havce no idea how they found out but i am still looking for the culprit.

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