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    Post Hose drying procedures

    Dear fellow ff. I am in the process of deciding on what type of hose drying equipment we need at the station.For years we have used racks but we want to move to either a tower or a commercial drying type cabinet. Which do you prefer and if you prefer a tower do you have a copy of the blue prints that you could share? Waiting to hear from you.


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    We have had two different hose dryers from Circulair. The old one from the 60's was pretty good but the newer one doesn't dry as well. We have always thought we would like a tower since it could be used for other things like ladder training, rope training, etc. A lot depends on your budget and space limitations. Good luck...maybe someone else will have more thoughts for you. Stay Safe.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    My station, which was built in 1973 has the hose tower for my department. It's pretty simple, it's about 35 feet high and has a ladder going up the wall to a platform and the framework for the hooks to hang the hose. It has a forced hot water heater unit mounted on the wall, and it gets quite warm in the tower, the hose dries completely in about a day or two. If you do get one built, make life easier and put in a small powered hoist to lift the hose into the tower. We have a rope and pulley system to lift the hose and when the 2 1/2" is sopping wet, it's a handful! Also be sure to keep a safety belt at the base of the tower for the person going up.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    My dept. just bought a new hose dryer two years ago you load the hose on it and drive it at 45mph all around town. Just joking my dept. use's an arm style system (every 8ft put up 2by6's 6ft tall with 2by4's 18in. long -slightly pointing up- arms). My problem with hose dryers are they put heat (low) on the hose over a period of time this has to effect the materials of the hose. I would strongly recommend using a tower with an air drying system with a dehumidifier interfaced and no heat or keep using your racks. I have some drafts of towers that are user and hose friendly if you would like some copies I can either snail mail you them or get them scanned and then e-mail them let me know.

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