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    Sand Creek Lynn
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    Post Need ISO rerating info.

    I am new here and came to get help with my ISO rerating project. I am training officer for a small rural dept. in Wisconsin. We currently are rated 9 and are interested in lowering to an 8 or perhaps 7. I am looking for help from anyone who has gone through this process. Particularly but not exclusively from depts. that depend on tankers for water supply. Thanks, Lynn

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    Danny Beebe
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    Lynn. having gone through this two years ago and dropping from a 7 to a 5 I may be able to give you a little help. If you have any particular questions feel free to e-mail me.

    One of the first things that you will need are RECORDS. Keep track of every thing and be sure to have it written down. Also you can request two things from the ISO offices that will be a great help. This will be (1) a classification detail report of your last inspection and
    (2) an Improvement Statement from the ISO office based on your last inspection. You can call the ISO office at 1.800.444.4554 and they will tell you how to request these two reports. GOOD LUCK Danny Beebe, Chief, Calico Rock , Arkansas.


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    Hi Lynn, I work for a dept. that depends on both hyd. and tankers. We start our ISO inspection on monday. I'll try to give you as much info. as I can. Like the other post says documation is the biggest thing. Any other Questions feel free to e-mail me and I'll ask my asst. ch. and get back to you. Jeff

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    Good luck!

    Our department has a dual rating because in one area we have a water system and the other we don't. We are also presently in the process of lowering our ISO #'s. Find your last report from ISO and start with your areas of weakness then find areas you can get the most points (credit) for. We have got to purchase some more items to get more or all points available for each category. Boy I tell you I can't think of a bigger can of WORMS one can open, than asking some agency to come and tell you that this is only as good as you are (where are these guy's when it's cold outside and no one want's to be there, but as FF's we go were others fear). The ISO people only look at numbers and the equipment your department has. I wish they had to respond on x amount of calls or spend x amont of time as a FF on the departments they rate. As the old saying goes, " don't past judgement on me till you've walked a mile in my shoes (boots). Don't get me wrong I know they have a job to do but they need to take alot more into consideration before they say this is your rating. Stay positive and I hope you get what you want.


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    Sand Creek Lynn
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    Thanks for the offers of help. I will indeed be e-mailing you for advice as I go through the process. Our dept. has never had an ISO inspection in the fifty some years it has been here so I can't rely on help from a previous report. I have been on the dept. for 22 years and when I complete this project it will be time to retire and spend more time sailing and less time trying to find the "minmimum flow available during a fifty year drought" at each our dry hydrants.

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    K L Westcot
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    Our Dept had the test done this past fall, don't think we have yet found out how we did or what to improve. Records, records, and better records, 911 system, pagers, # of responders for structure fires, responce times, all go into the rating. Hope by now you have found the message area Policies/ISO here, has some good reading on ISO.

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    Just finished going through the ISO check in October Record keeping is big bury with paperwork-training, Pump certifacation tests ect. Call them they can give you what they are looking for- an easy 300 points is a deck gun or portable monitor-sure helped us don't know our results but if looking for something in particular feel free to email me


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    Thumbs up

    I noted that you were having problems calculating flows from Dry Hydrants (drought conditions). In our area the State soil conservation department did this for us using their engineers at no cost to us. In some cases some information was already in their files, but just needed to be assked for.
    Hope this helps,

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    larry stevens isoslayer.com hes the best there is in iso

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