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    chevelle ss Guest

    Cool Another new guy

    Hi, just checking in.I'm a rookie career f/f in n.j. and an x vol. f/f for 12 yrs. There seems to be a lot of good info from experienced f/f's in this forum. looking forward to speaking to some of you.


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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    Greetings from Nebraska. These forum will make you laugh, cry and ****ed off, sometimes in the same topic. Looking forward to sharing ideas and opinions. Also, Mopar rules.

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    21TFD Guest


    Welcome to the forums from Ohio. I hope you will find information that is of value to you and your department. What Year and motor?
    Take care & Stay Safe.

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    chevelle ss Guest


    i don't have one yet i'm still trying to convince my better half but i want a 70' w/ a 396

    chevelle ss

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    TeeJay Guest


    Welcome aboard. With 12 years experience in volunteer ranks, you're hardly a rookie and can probably offer some info based on your own experiences. I'm with pvfr on the Mopars- my Hemi Charger will eat Chevelles all day long....

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