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    Thumbs down Company sends nasty letter to residents of another fire district

    Last week in my hometown, a volunteer fire department sent a nasty letter to residents of a different township regarding the solicitation of funds. The Oakland Volunteer fire department solicits for its annual jubilee at this time of year. They solicit Stonycreek Township (which they are a part of) to help sell tickets. They do not ask for a donation, just help selling tickets. This year Oakland took over solicitation of part of their own township from Belmont Fire Department which is located in Richland Township. Belmont was asked to no longer solicit this area as it is in Oaklands Jurisdiction and township lines. Belmont waited 3 months, and a week after the tickets were sent out sent a nasty letter to residents of Stonycreek Township telling them not to give to their own township fire department, but instead to give to Belmont. This has outraged all of the fire departments in this quiet town, including mine. The reason I am writing this is to ask for your support. We are supporting the Oakland Company and emailing the Belmont Fire Department to tell them that we have a fraternal trust in each other, and by publicly trashing Oakland in a letter to residents ( it was nasty), they have broke this sacred trust. Please help support us. It could be you next.

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    thats totally uncalled for. were supposed to be a family, of course we got our bad moments but this is the worst ive seen.i have the utmost respect for all firefighters, but this dept. ive lost any respect!!!! i think they need to get there head out of there a**. im sorry but this needs to stop!!!! i support ya 100%

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