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    Smile women firefighters?

    hi everybody! i'm a volunteer firefighter and i'm new to the forum so i thought i would introduce myself. i'm young and a woman and i was wondering if there were any women firefighters out there with some insights on the job? thanks!!!

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    Welcome. E-mail me and I will fill you in!


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    Welcome to the forums. Be sure to check out the Women in the Emergency Services & Volunteer Forums. I hope you will find information that is of value to you and your department. Take care & Stay Safe.

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    Just email I'm always around. What would you like to know?


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    I am not a woman.Howevwever in our volunteer fire company we have six female firefighters and let me tell you as an officer we could'nt get along whith out them three of the females are our best interior attack members.sure I know about the little firehouse humor just give it back and they will stop , if that is even an issue.currentaly I am in the process of getting my girlfriend to join,and I would like to see more females in the fire service .face it in the heat of the moment who else uses their heads better.

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    Welcome to the forums from a female firefighter who has been volunteering for 3 years. We have 4 women in our dept and we don't have problems at all. Anything you would like to know mail me and I will see if I can help. Good luck and stay safe!

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    There are a lot of great women firefighters in the service. I have had some who worked for me in my tour as a Career Captain that did a better job than some of the men. Some of them were paramedics and some were not... But the good ones were damn good...and not only were they good on emergency calls....they were excellent Driver Operators also. I remember one such female that was better at driving a Tanker that had a 10 speed road ranger manual transmission than some of the guys. That really ticked em off. So..welcome and good luck... from an old guy!

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